Friday, April 24, 2009

Blogging about my sims...

Someone reminded me tonight that I have not blogged in a while. In part this is because I have been busy messing with my sims (Avant Garde, Vanguard and Iconoclast--by the way, does anyone need a place to live among silly intellectuals? I have a quarter left here....). I have also been blogging for some other blogs, mostly House of RFyre (shameless plug finished) and soon Nonna Hedges' Details.

Back to the sim thing. I have to say, the purchase of my sims was really an attempt to "engineer" a "living space" for some like minded adults. Kinda similar to a channel in IRC or a chat in AOL, I suppose, but with all the graphic fun inherent in it.

One of my newest residents said, "I can't believe how fun this sim is!" And I guess it is if you share our sense of humor and fun, which we all seem to.

At one time on Avant Garde, we would gather at a late hour (for me) and do the flamenco together, three or four of us. While I am in CST, one was in PST and one was in Europe, and she was just waking up, so she looked forward to her coffee and flamenco. We would discuss art, music and gossip about what was going on in SL. We were supremely happy.

Another time, another resident showed up with his dragon avatar and I dug a hole in the coast to accommodate him and his.. cookie.

Then there was the time a resident, moving to another of my sims, decided to blow up his residence REAL GOOD. As prims flew about, we crouched on a neighbor's roof and watched the carnage. When did setting physical become so fun?

A resident called one day to have me come see a house he wished to purchase and to meet one of the builders--the fantastic Fornicola Butuzova. I arrived and then called over the rest of the residents of the sim and we ended up having a party and laugh session with Forni and her business partner, Amo Lambeau. (Bah, lost the photo and it was good!)

Today I "decorated" a resident's garage with junk. Served him right. Who needs a GARAGE in SL? ;)

Recently, Mitch Wagner (I think I can "out" him), called me to show me his new avatar. I had to say I laughed because Mitch seemed so comfortable in it....

There is a point to this blog. It's hard for me to articulate tonight how communities are built in SL. Well, heck, people have written whole books about it.

What I know is there is a community here on my sims. We share a language of text and image, we laugh together, we commiserate, we enjoy the fruits of each other's creativity and work. We all find it very satisfying and we keep coming back for more.

I don't think we are unique either. I see pages and pages and pages of photos of people having fun with their avatars. I read quotes in picks. I hear stories. And I have been to SLCC (and hope to go again this year--seeya there).

Was this Philip's vision? What a grand one it was!

(Shakin' a resident down for tier. That's me with the eyes. ;))