Friday, June 27, 2008

Support Ability Commons!

My friend Pecos Kidd, who endured being blown up, sent me a little note and asked me to publish it. I asked him who I could blow up in exchange.

Something wonderful is happening and with one small action you can be part of it. Our friends in the Health Support Coalition have a chance to win 300,000 Lindens from the Annenberg School to create a SL home for a wide range of peer support groups.

"Ability Commons" is the work of Gentle Heron, Carolina Keats and many of the 41 members of the Health Support Coalition, including MDSLA, Crohn's and Colitis Support, Open Gates Peer Support, and Agoraphobia Support Group.

We need your help, right now. Please take 20 seconds to go to this website and vote for "Ability Commons." Rank them "1) Favored" and do your part to help us create an incubator for small and emerging groups.

Your vote will allow more people with disabilities and health issues to share our pleasure and purposefulness in Second Life.

Will you do more? Please forward this note to your friends - voting is open until June 30, and your help will make all the difference.

Thank you!

Find out all about their proposal and Annenberg/USC.

That being said, Pecos worked on another project that is being assessed for this same program. It's kind of cool: you click a big red button and it alternates between two kitchen scenes: one is a normal home with high countertops, etc.--the other is an accessible kitchen for disabled people. To toggle them you click a BIG RED BUTTON.

I complimented Pecos.

[11:42] Pecos Kidd: I think it demos the concept fairly well
[11:42] Harper Beresford: yes
[11:42] Harper Beresford: very well
[11:42] Pecos Kidd: And everyone likes to push big red buttons :)

This is what he wrote:

Please consider voting for "Independence House", which will create an interactive SL house to demonstrate various modifications that can be made to RL houses to improve access or usability for people with disabilities. Being able to visualize the impact of lowering the height of countertops, using ramps instead of stairs, adding handrails around bathroom fixtures, or even just rearranging a kitchen will help people with RL impairments understand what is possible, as well as better plan these types of modifications prior to construction.

Please take just a minute of your time and vote for "Independence House."

Your vote for "Independence House" by June 30 will help us win the 300,000 Linden prize, and create this important tool to help people with RL disabilities take practial steps to improve the quality of their lives.

Thank you - and please contact Kathee Gibbs in SL if you have any questions!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Evil land baron blown up!

Dirk Talamasca is an evil land baron. Everyone agrees. Scope agrees. Raven agrees. I agree.

He needed a little incendiary reminder that he is not immune to the power of humbugs.

He said it was "minty fresh" right before his head blew off.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Particle maker exploded after "examining" Ordinal's work

Arminasx Saiman invited me over so he could look at the humbugs I was passing out. He wanted to hack into the candy to see how it worked. However, in taking a bite to get to the soft inner core, he managed to, yes, blow himself up.

Oh, ye of unpronounceable name... how dare you trust me?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Art curator--head blown off

Frank Koolhaas has spent the last few months organizing the Rinascimento Virtuale 2008, (the "Virtual Renaissance"). Showing more than 100 artists on video screens in the Museo Nazionale di Antropologia ed Etnolologia in Florence, Italy, the exhibition will prove to be the first international gathering of SL artists in RL.

The old adage of herding cats is probably true for this exhibit. Frank had to choose photos, contact artists, get their images, have them sign agreements to be sent to Italy--and it's all culminating in a press conference today at noon.

Well, to provide some enjoyment and relief, I offered Frank a sweet humbug.

I think this whole show has blown his mind....

He is, however, thrilled about the venue for the press conference. He sent me a sneak peek:

I hadn't spoken to Frank in a while due to various issues (like uh, being busy blowing people up). I was so glad to see Frank and his little goldfish again.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Burning Dizzy

I offered Dizzy Banjo a candy when we were meeting with our Voice Dorks group. He accepted, reluctantly. As well he should have...

The funny thing is that Dizzy is really flammable it turns out. Who woulda thunk?

So we threw some wood on it and got something going.

Taarna blew on the fire to keep it going...

Wendell was hungry apparently and the marshmallows and s'mores were not enough. He said Dizzy smelled good cooking. Eep!

Wendell said, and I quote, "This is awesome!"

Friday, June 6, 2008

A convenient two fer

Jezebell Barbosa seems to have a sweet tooth, the dear. I went to a wee party with Codie, Kanomi, Dale, et al. Jeza was there and she asked for a wee piece of candy. So I offered her one. But Jordyn Carnell, in all his glory, stepped in to take a piece as well. The two friends blew up simultaneously.

I got a new computer today with flaming hot speed and a huge monitor. I am still getting used to seeing this kind of carnage in such high-definition detail. The pink boots Jez had on really popped on this new screen.

My dear friend Botgirl Questi was there to document the explosion, the sweet thing:

Monday, June 2, 2008

Rustica owner, blown up in his new sim!

The paint is hardly dry on the stonework at Maxwell Graf's new sim, Rustica, and here I am, already blowing him up.

This is for two reasons: first, he previewed this absolutely gorgeous sim with me but did not let me take photos of it until today, the Grand Opening, and second, his hair leaves something to be desired. He is a wonderful person, however, and the King of sculpty building, bar none. His new sim raises the bar on sim development, and it is a MUST SEE.

Please, please check out Max's new sim. It has secret hiding places, romantic rendezvous niches, and some of the best damn furniture you can find in SL.

Maxwell's castle.
The entrance to the canyon.

Inside one of the rooms. (That's me, looking out.)

I will take about a hundred more photos, but I had to get this posted to get you all over to Rustica. Max is there--tell him I sent you!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I blow up a big land owner!

Slippery Enzyme, a landowner on SL, decided to give me a little crap. I decided to give him a humbug...

The Internet Universe

I tweeted this but I need to blog it as well. It is good to know that Second Life somehow made it in the Internet universe.

Click through....