Friday, June 6, 2008

A convenient two fer

Jezebell Barbosa seems to have a sweet tooth, the dear. I went to a wee party with Codie, Kanomi, Dale, et al. Jeza was there and she asked for a wee piece of candy. So I offered her one. But Jordyn Carnell, in all his glory, stepped in to take a piece as well. The two friends blew up simultaneously.

I got a new computer today with flaming hot speed and a huge monitor. I am still getting used to seeing this kind of carnage in such high-definition detail. The pink boots Jez had on really popped on this new screen.

My dear friend Botgirl Questi was there to document the explosion, the sweet thing:

1 comment:

Dale Innis said...

omg, we are sooo wired! An' silly!

(That's me nodding at the end. Botgirl is a videoing wizard!)