Thursday, June 19, 2008

Art curator--head blown off

Frank Koolhaas has spent the last few months organizing the Rinascimento Virtuale 2008, (the "Virtual Renaissance"). Showing more than 100 artists on video screens in the Museo Nazionale di Antropologia ed Etnolologia in Florence, Italy, the exhibition will prove to be the first international gathering of SL artists in RL.

The old adage of herding cats is probably true for this exhibit. Frank had to choose photos, contact artists, get their images, have them sign agreements to be sent to Italy--and it's all culminating in a press conference today at noon.

Well, to provide some enjoyment and relief, I offered Frank a sweet humbug.

I think this whole show has blown his mind....

He is, however, thrilled about the venue for the press conference. He sent me a sneak peek:

I hadn't spoken to Frank in a while due to various issues (like uh, being busy blowing people up). I was so glad to see Frank and his little goldfish again.

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