Thursday, August 28, 2008

I blow up a supermodel!

As you all know, I work for RFyre. I am generally NOT in the business of shameless plugs for RFyre, but today, I am going to.

Two reasons: first, we are having our first ever Treasure Hunt on the Isle this weekend, starting Friday at 1 p.m. slt and ending Sunday at 6 p.m. slt. PLEASE come. Raven is offering Mastrius and Twisted Swiss for FREE (in pieces scattered throughout the Isle) and several other goodies. We're having a party too. Aw, just show up because I am working hard on this!

Second, we have had the most gorgeous man on SL join our team: Jonny Tobias. (I think all the men I know in SL are gorgeous, but Jonny was voted Best of SL Top Male Model by Best of SL Magazine, so it's a much more "objective" statement.)

This is Jonny. Now, we ALL look pretty in SL. However, Jonny earned his title for more than having a pretty avatar. He's the real deal. He's a sweetheart both outside and inside and very good at what he does. He's a really valuable addition to our family.

That being said, I had to treat Jonny to a little candy cuz I think he's so sweet. (*wink*wink*) I dressed up like an angel, of course.

And I offered Jonny a sweet humbug (suckah!)

Blew his top hat right off. Poor guy. He is having to learn about life the Harper way.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Me for President!

My dear friend Tab Scott brought his candidacy to my attention today (courtesy of Bill Daul of NextNOW). He suggested this could be an "Open systems approach to politics":

Tab Scott for President

Well, I guess I am going to vote for him.

If I don't vote for myself first.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I blow up another artist.... almost

I met Chrome Underwood a while ago. He was at an exhibit for Stella Costello. He had a sort of newbie freshness about him: the dirty biker hair that I swear originated on Dirk Talamasca's head, the gray shiny newbie system shoes, the cute little waddle. We had a pleasant discussion--he had fine newbie manners--we friended, and then we didn't talk much after that. Who knows why? I think I crashed at some point, which put a wrench in the whole discussion. (I vaguely remember being bumped by someone's overly large avatar while we followed Stella around Tayzia Abattoir's wonderful museum.)

Either way, Chrome was not someone I spoke to often, if at all--until I received a scrawl on my Wall in Facebook today: "Hey Harper, Just posted on my presentation on the ever-so-touchy subject of fine art in Second Life at SIGGRAPH last week." Hrm.

So I looked at Chrome's blog, and darn if he wasn't a presenter with a bunch of high-tech guys about art in Second Life (a subject near and dear to my heart). So I invited Chrome over for a chat about art.

He showed up and he had changed a bit. He no longer had the waddle. He was wearing prims and he had chrome hair. (Still the dark Dirty Biker hair, but he had shined it up and given it a touch of glow--very ingenious.)

I gave Chrome a tour of my villa and gardens. Those of you have seen it know I am a "primcess" (nothing like Shenlei, of course--I can only dream of that), but he continued to insist I was a Princess as he looked around. He stomped around my villa with that *very* he-man Animazoo male walk and ruined some flowers. Then he plopped himself on my sofa with his dirty boots on!

Well that was the final straw!

I offered him a candy.

And he took not one but two.. and... didn't blow up!


So I threw candies at him. They poofed in a green glow but didn't smoke. I tried one of the candies myself and blew up.

The man is some sort of superhuman avatar, imperious to Ordinal Malaprop's VERY STRONG CANDIES.

I can only conclude it's the chrome hair.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Massive blow up near Rustica

This just in: several people, who will NOT remain unnamed, have been blown up eating the delicious candies I proffered near the Rustica sim (please shop there).

Maxwell Graf, Pierre Roelefs (Pie), Angelica Zuma, Terra Volitant, the Muse Sereine Bard, and none other than her Ladyship Gwen Carillon partook of the incendiary bonbons and paid a dear price.

[0:11] Pierre Roelofs: Well that's cast rather a gloom over the evening, hasn't it?


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fleet is bored at work, Part 2

As if that wasn't enough, here is more (and he stole Bono from me!):

August 5, 2007: Fleet meets Bono at the UN. He was not stoned--he was just blinking. Fleet, that is. I can't remark on Bono.

October 10, 2006: Fleet is invited to become the "Fifth Wiggle." He declines but not before waking Jeff up.

November 14, 2007: Fleet enjoys the company of several playmates and Paris Hilton at Hugh Hefner's mansion. He licks champagne out of Hilton's belly button later that evening.

February 22, 1980: Fleet sees the final score during the "Miracle on Ice" game at Lake Placid. (Now, Fleet, this is like "Where's Waldo?" Sheesh!)

Send in your historical moments!

Fleet is bored at work

All his Facebook friends got to see this, but I insisted I get to put this on my blog because I laughed so hard. And now he has challenged me (and I challenge you, Gentle Reader) to top him in his historical exploits.

And so we find....

Fleetwood's Place in History

March 12, 1930: Fleetwood marches with Ghandi to Dandi in the Salt March.

March 12, 1865: Fleetwood meets with some guy and President Lincoln soon before the end of the Civil War.

February 11, 1990: Fleetwood gathers with Nelson and Winnie Mandela upon Mandela's release from prison.

May 14, 2006: Fleetwood shoots the shit with George Clooney about hair gel.

October 17, 1962: Fleetwood consults with Jack Kennedy about the Cubans. Suggests they stock up on cigars.

November 17, 2005: Fleetwood talks to Woody about kids, careers and marrying one's adopted daughter.

June 13, 2008: Fleetwood runs off with Kate Middleton, leaving Prince William in the dust.

July 9, 2007: Fleetwood gives the Pitt-Jolie family a ride on his boat.

Uh, I don't know how this is, but wow, what a babe! And Fleet knows her!

June 6, 1944: Fleet consults with Eisenhower about D-Day. (His head was too large for a helmet, apparently.)

February 13, 1997: Fleet passes Bill Clinton a cigar.

April 5, 2003: Fleet shows Bill Gates a map of the "Information Superhighway."

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I blow up John

I had the fine pleasure of meeting John Zhaoying, who is an advisor to virtual event agency, World2Worlds. He interrupted me while I was shopping to ask me to be in a photo. Now, I am of the vain variety, so I went to be photographed, but I arrived to find that I was to be photographed in front of a photo of rather ordinary Real Life people, standing on a very ugly carpet. For a guy who throws a lot of French around and says he once lived in Paris, he certainly has crap taste in interior design.

However, he's a nice guy, so I offered him a humbug. (Ha!)

I asked him how it tasted:

[21:51] John Zhaoying: Delicious. A little star-anise, rosewater and coriander.

Hm, maybe he did live in Paris....