Thursday, August 28, 2008

I blow up a supermodel!

As you all know, I work for RFyre. I am generally NOT in the business of shameless plugs for RFyre, but today, I am going to.

Two reasons: first, we are having our first ever Treasure Hunt on the Isle this weekend, starting Friday at 1 p.m. slt and ending Sunday at 6 p.m. slt. PLEASE come. Raven is offering Mastrius and Twisted Swiss for FREE (in pieces scattered throughout the Isle) and several other goodies. We're having a party too. Aw, just show up because I am working hard on this!

Second, we have had the most gorgeous man on SL join our team: Jonny Tobias. (I think all the men I know in SL are gorgeous, but Jonny was voted Best of SL Top Male Model by Best of SL Magazine, so it's a much more "objective" statement.)

This is Jonny. Now, we ALL look pretty in SL. However, Jonny earned his title for more than having a pretty avatar. He's the real deal. He's a sweetheart both outside and inside and very good at what he does. He's a really valuable addition to our family.

That being said, I had to treat Jonny to a little candy cuz I think he's so sweet. (*wink*wink*) I dressed up like an angel, of course.

And I offered Jonny a sweet humbug (suckah!)

Blew his top hat right off. Poor guy. He is having to learn about life the Harper way.


Jonny Tobias said...

LOL!! So much fun! This thing is hilarious, and I never knew this was literal when you said you wanted to blow my head off hahaha.

Forelle Broek said...

Wow, he really is a fine looking man (and I'm totally comfortable saying that!). And you don't look so bad yourself in that angelic get-up.

But now I'm starting to wonder why you've never tried to blow me up.

Harper Beresford said...

It can be arranged, Forelle. You know how I like blowing up lawyers ;)

Shel said...

"The most gorgeous man in SL?"



Harper Beresford said...

OK, Shel. You are. *sigh*

Gahum Riptide said...

He is preeeeeeeeeety.

And you my dear are a tricky one. ;)