Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I blow up another artist.... almost

I met Chrome Underwood a while ago. He was at an exhibit for Stella Costello. He had a sort of newbie freshness about him: the dirty biker hair that I swear originated on Dirk Talamasca's head, the gray shiny newbie system shoes, the cute little waddle. We had a pleasant discussion--he had fine newbie manners--we friended, and then we didn't talk much after that. Who knows why? I think I crashed at some point, which put a wrench in the whole discussion. (I vaguely remember being bumped by someone's overly large avatar while we followed Stella around Tayzia Abattoir's wonderful museum.)

Either way, Chrome was not someone I spoke to often, if at all--until I received a scrawl on my Wall in Facebook today: "Hey Harper, Just posted on my presentation on the ever-so-touchy subject of fine art in Second Life at SIGGRAPH last week." Hrm.

So I looked at Chrome's blog, and darn if he wasn't a presenter with a bunch of high-tech guys about art in Second Life (a subject near and dear to my heart). So I invited Chrome over for a chat about art.

He showed up and he had changed a bit. He no longer had the waddle. He was wearing prims and he had chrome hair. (Still the dark Dirty Biker hair, but he had shined it up and given it a touch of glow--very ingenious.)

I gave Chrome a tour of my villa and gardens. Those of you have seen it know I am a "primcess" (nothing like Shenlei, of course--I can only dream of that), but he continued to insist I was a Princess as he looked around. He stomped around my villa with that *very* he-man Animazoo male walk and ruined some flowers. Then he plopped himself on my sofa with his dirty boots on!

Well that was the final straw!

I offered him a candy.

And he took not one but two.. and... didn't blow up!


So I threw candies at him. They poofed in a green glow but didn't smoke. I tried one of the candies myself and blew up.

The man is some sort of superhuman avatar, imperious to Ordinal Malaprop's VERY STRONG CANDIES.

I can only conclude it's the chrome hair.


Dale Innis said...

/me is too distracted by the second picture to post anything sensible. :)

Chrome said...

Harper, I just wanted to thank you for the lovely evening, and especially for those delicious candies.

Just for the record, though, I wanted to clarify something: although my hair acts as a shield against electromagnetic fields and attempts at mind control by aliens, it offers no protection against explosive devices.

My immunity to such attacks comes from a simple genetic disorder, which has rendered me immortal, for the time being. It's a burden I would wish on no one; but I live on, stoically, one day at a time.

It does have its perks, though. I get to enjoy explosive candy from the hands of a beautiful woman, and then return for more. :)

Fleet said...

OMG! Harper... better take those candies back.

shenlei said...

Primcess. :) I like it. I may change my business cards....

Gahum Riptide said...

I think those candies are past their expiration date.

*I* will never fall prey to your candies. HAW.

Chrome said...

Funny, it seems no one believes in immortality any more.... ahh, the loneliness of a long distance runner.