Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I blow up John

I had the fine pleasure of meeting John Zhaoying, who is an advisor to virtual event agency, World2Worlds. He interrupted me while I was shopping to ask me to be in a photo. Now, I am of the vain variety, so I went to be photographed, but I arrived to find that I was to be photographed in front of a photo of rather ordinary Real Life people, standing on a very ugly carpet. For a guy who throws a lot of French around and says he once lived in Paris, he certainly has crap taste in interior design.

However, he's a nice guy, so I offered him a humbug. (Ha!)

I asked him how it tasted:

[21:51] John Zhaoying: Delicious. A little star-anise, rosewater and coriander.

Hm, maybe he did live in Paris....


Fleet said...

or works for THE FOOD NETWORK.

Gahum Riptide said...

Well, despite being exposed to good design, one can have rather poor personal design sense. This explains people like Victoria Beckham.