Monday, June 2, 2008

Rustica owner, blown up in his new sim!

The paint is hardly dry on the stonework at Maxwell Graf's new sim, Rustica, and here I am, already blowing him up.

This is for two reasons: first, he previewed this absolutely gorgeous sim with me but did not let me take photos of it until today, the Grand Opening, and second, his hair leaves something to be desired. He is a wonderful person, however, and the King of sculpty building, bar none. His new sim raises the bar on sim development, and it is a MUST SEE.

Please, please check out Max's new sim. It has secret hiding places, romantic rendezvous niches, and some of the best damn furniture you can find in SL.

Maxwell's castle.
The entrance to the canyon.

Inside one of the rooms. (That's me, looking out.)

I will take about a hundred more photos, but I had to get this posted to get you all over to Rustica. Max is there--tell him I sent you!


Gahum Riptide said...

I love it already! Definitely on my must visit list (and one of the few medieval sims that looks really well put together.)

WillowC said...

Ooooooo so pretty, I feel the urge to go scout for photo locations!

p.s. Neat superpower ;)

Trevor Meister said...

Raises the bar is an understatement, I don't even think the bar is visible to the human eye. ...Lehnerd Euler

Harper Beresford said...

More photos posted on my flickr:

Kanomi™ said...

I should not be sexually attracted to architecture, yet I feel a genuine lust coming on.