Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Tale of Stroker's Travelling Pants

Stroker, the wonderful host of the Strokerz Ball, hosted the party wearing a leather harness, leather chaps and black horns through the entire party. He was a sight to behold.

Notice has been given to me that he had somehow misplaced his leather chaps and horns at the Marriott, and no one could find him to return them to him. So the leather chaps are going on a trip--hopefully a trip around the world.

The first photo will be posted showing none other than Ms. Raven Pennyfeather showing the pertinent evidence (the chaps) before they "walked." When I receive a copy of the photo or a link, I will post it here.

A gentleman from the Netherlands has packed them in his luggage and will be taking them with him overseas. It is hoped they will make it to Australia before they find their way back home and snuggly on Stroker's bottom.

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