Friday, July 18, 2008

Provocation in Art

Time to be serious here. Again about art. And gosh, the image has nothing to do with blowing people up. It is totally coincidental.

Well, I have been provoked by art--most amazingly, I might add. I saw this piece at the new Hotel Dare & Muschi Lounge build by Gattina Dumpling and Kasabian Beck with some work from Four Yip. Kasabian had this piece up on one of the buildings:

I have a sneaking hunch this isn't art generated by an SL artist. Can anyone tell me? And if it is, please accept my apologies.

That being said, Wow!

This art provoked, but in a manner that was most delicious and amazing. There is an amazing juxtaposition of the corporate logo (which I have blurred, but you know who it is) and that incredible Pulitzer prize-winning photograph of one man executing another.

And it resonates with me on several levels. First, there is the level of the corporation-executing-someone thing. Then there is the actual REAL fear I felt for the creator and for myself in using this corporate logo (this is why I have blurred it myself--I am scared).

Then there is the wonder I feel about people of different ages and nationalities viewing this on SL. Everyone certainly knows the logo, but do they know the historical importance and resonance of this photo? Do they know the origin? For my generation, it has huge resonance, but someone younger than me.. does it?

I get really bent about the reference to "provocation," as I have written in another blog. When people use tired, used, cliched images in tired and cliched ways, I am not provoked--I just feel manipulated. Don't offer me another crucifix, pile of TVs, casket, swastika, or puddle of blood. I have seen it. And I am too young for it to mean something to me.

I haven't seen this one before. I won't get the same frisson when I see something like this again. But it provoked--the way Braques meant "provocation."

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