Thursday, October 2, 2008

5 X Real 55 X SL

Shameless Plug right up front: PLEASE come to the opening of the art show at TowerVisions Bethanienturm TODAY, October 3 at 3 p.m., featuring the smooth sounds of DJ Todd Action and the photography of Harper Beresford (SL), the painting of Vindi Vindaloo (SL)/Vinya Cameron (RL), the RL photography of Parker Noriega (SL), the paintings of Mario Dalpra (RL), and the photography of Gundrun Senger (RL). Meet Harper (me), Vindi and Gundrun in SL. Vision will be giving tours of his "vision" (see below). End of Shameless Plug.

For those of you who did not read the last post in my blog, I was in Berlin. I was there for a party for DU Diedrichs--an architecture firm in Berlin--in which I was one of the featured artists for their firm's celebration. Over 200 architects, clients, and artists from Berlin came to see the renovation of the Berlin Economic Ministry building, which DU Diedrichs had orchestrated, enjoy hors d'oeuvres and see one of my pieces as well as the painting of Vindi Vindaloo (SL)/Vinya Cameron (RL) (yes, Vindi Vindaloo, the famed fashion designer!), the RL photography of Parker Noriega (SL), the paintings of Mario Dalpra (RL), and the photography of Gundrun Senger (RL). We had a wonderful time.

I have to say, when I visited Berlin, Vision was an excellent host--he took me to some fabulous restaurants, drove me to see some great places in Berlin, and even invited me to his personal home to meet his family. He also, as I said before, took me to see the real Bethanienturm.

This is the story about Bethanienturm: Vision Planer is a noted architect in Berlin in RL. He purchased the church as seen in photos at Plush Avenue South and also seen on his website. Vision had the idea of turning this grand church into a living or office space in the heart of Berlin. After reading an article about Second Life, he saw the perfect opportunity to "envision" his idea.

So I saw the church and I saw the sights and I ate well in Berlin. The chocolate in Germany is, by the way, delicious, as are the Haribo gummy bears (as Vision's daughter will confirm).

I needed to return the favor. Well, you know what's coming.... I felt it was my DUTY to offer Vision a piece of MY candy. He is such a nice (and gullible) man. He has done nothing wrong--he bought the shoes I suggested, got an AO, let me build him a fireplace. He just.. you know.. needs a little Harper treatment.

So I offered him a humbug...

He said it tasted "fine." (He always says "fine"--it's a German thing.) He is a kind and gentle man.

So come meet Vision today, at the show. (Another Shameless Plug.)

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