Friday, October 31, 2008

Eshi's Second Rez Day

Well, it's that time. My sweet baby Eshi is two years old!*

Please help celebrate this auspicious occasion in a build Eshi created on my sim, Avant Garde, Saturday, November 1, 2-4 pm slt. We will be soothed by the techno tunes of Azrael Hax, and there will also be a special surprise for Eshi.

In honor of her creativity, we are asking you all to dress up in your best Halloween costumes to suit the spooky environment she built. (Recycle the ones from the night before--we don't care.)

Allow me to mention that this party is being sponsored in party by Straylight/Botanical and the very generous Kriss Lehmann, who put the trees into Eshi's hands so she could make the beautiful build you will see. Thank you, Kriss! (Hug a tree--buy one from Kriss and wrap your arms around it.)

If you had not received this invite, blame me. I flipped this one out and probably missed scads of people. It's an open invite. Come celebrate with us and come crash my sim. (I wanna see what happens when that happens.. I am so excited!)

*Everyone is asking me what the invite says. Eshi made it but I can read it: "Some day I am going to grow up and spend endless hours in front of a super advanced Commodore 64 and I will make all kinds of otherwise non existing stuff, and I will also be a boy sometimes, and I will be Asian and I will have robot friends."

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