Thursday, May 22, 2008

Douglas and Pecos blown up

You think I would let go of this adolescent occupation of blowing up friends after a day.. but no! I keep up my incendiary practices.

First, we find Douglas Story blown up after he attempted to discuss the contract about the exhibit in Florence with me. I was not in the mood to discuss contracts. Take that, Douglas!

Then we have Pecos Kidd, customarily helping people but today trying to jam me in a human cannonball. (And yes, I let him do it. It was fun--once--as we agreed.) Blew his cowboy hat right off!

I am sure this next photo will give someone satisfaction...

I just realized that with heads blown off, there is no way for anyone to verify that the burning carcasses you see before me are actually the people I claim they are.

Well, how do I verify THEY are the person they say they are? Hmm...

1 comment:

Douglas Story said...

Luckily, the loss of my head did not hinder my professional life. I work in the television business!