Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My RL Birthday in My New Existence

Today is my birthday--my 40th, as a matter of fact. I am not saying this in order to garner attention--I have received plenty here already today.

The reason I remark upon it is that I find the friendships I have made through this social network have become personally very meaningful to me. I don't think expression of this is particularly revolutionary or mind-blowing. I think we all know how it applies to us.

Rather than going into a lengthy discourse telling all of you what you are doing wrong socially, I would rather briefly talk about what you are doing right. Following real life social norms, you are remembering to honor an individual for her mere existence and deciding to take the time to acknowledge her.

Thank you to many, many people on SL who have sent me cards, emails, tweets, and gifts. Your generosity of time and spirit means more than you can imagine.

Thank you, my friends here in this world, for making a big difference in my first life on my special day.


Dale Innis said...


/me fires off firecrackers an' all.


Me said...

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!
Lunette Fouroux