Friday, May 30, 2008

On a roll--got DanCoyote Antonelli!

Today I wandered by Hung's sim as he said his friend DanCoyote Antonelli was evolving a sculpture he had left on the sim. So I tp'd in and got into a sort of tense debate with DC about art history. (Hung asked me kindly to shut up before he lost use of the sculpture. I did.) So we all dispersed and went our ways.

I later went back to take photos of the sculpture and guess who rezzed in but Mr. DC himself. We warily circled each other, exchanged pleasantries, and then discussed the sculpture. It was when he complimented my dress and I explained that it was an Eshi Otawara creation, that we found common ground. I was concerned his lovely pink sculpture would not match my dress--he changed it to green.

In return I offered him a humbug with my characteristic sweet smile.

Of course, he had to add his own pyrotechnics. Luckily Eshi made this thing fireproof. But damn, he burned with a lot of smoke! (I think that mohawk is made of plastic!)

Dan was gracious enough to clean up after himself, and I found myself happily flying through his sculpture--still green--on Hung's sim.

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