Sunday, May 25, 2008


I woke up this morning, turned on my computer, opened iTunes and found this song sent to me by KCRW...


Dream--You Tube

I loved it. I "heard" it. Now I want to fly.

(Harper as butterfly in front of a piece by DanCoyote Antonelli.)

Then I sent my normal good morning to my friend Pecos, whose organization, VAI, I had written about previously. And he told me that a lovely woman who was very active in SL helping people with disabilities had passed away overnight of heart failure after an extended struggle with her health.

"The Sojourner" was a stroke survivor who, among other things, created a sim called Dreams that offers self-help support groups and education for other stroke survivors. Dreams is a supportive and creative environment where people dealing with stroke recovery can keep their minds sharp by engaging in collaborative community events and round-table discussions. Here is what one SL publication said about her:

"A one-woman demonstration of the power of Second Life as a social tool, Ms. Sojourner has been a tireless volunteer and organizer in SL [since 2004] ... [A]s a founder of Shockproof, a support group for stroke survivors, and as an event planner and organizer on the Dreams sim, home to endless building contests and holiday fairs to benefit a good cause." ("second life the official guide" Chapter 11 Real Residents)

I forwarded the song and lyrics to Pecos. It seems the song was most fitting for this memorable woman, who I had not had the opportunity to meet but who helped so many real people in SL.

A memorial for The Sojourner has been set up on Dreams at

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