Thursday, May 22, 2008

Edsel bites it

Edsel Heinkel came up to me after Second Question tonight and said he enjoyed seeing Douglas and Pecos in my blog. I guess he was asking for it. So I gave him a dip in the humbugs....

Pooky Amsterdam looked on distractedly. She was already writing next week's Second Question, I assume.


Kanomi™ said...

You know I have that SCLN.TV schedule in my bookmarks in the folder called "SL Events" but their schedule steadfastly refused to yield the basic information of WHERE IS YOUR SHOW BEING TAPED! :o

Can anyone elucidate?

Edsel Heinkel said...

As a surviving victim of Harpercide let me offer you some tips. If you find yourself crossing paths with this one.

1. Dont take the RED pill - take the BLUE.

2. Bring a spare head.

3. Skip directly to the Third Question in any interaction with her.

Good luck.

Harper Beresford said...

Gosh, you're right, Kanomi. Let me post the location: