Monday, May 26, 2008

I get an astrophysicist!

I would like to think that thinking about things like dark matter and black holes would be the thing to blow Curious George's mind, but no, it was my humble humbug.

(Chat reproduced through the permission of Botgirl Questi and Curious George.)

[18:34] Botgirl Questi: another one bites the dust, another one bites the dust
[18:34] You: ha! omg!
[18:34] Botgirl Questi: Blew him right through the wall
[18:34] You: i just blew the head off CURIOUS GEORGE
[18:35] Curious George: There wasn't much in it anyway
[18:35] Curious George: Don't you know what men use for thinking
[18:35] You: ha!

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Sophrosyne Stenvaag said...

Well, all the secksy bottery (including a certain Harper!) at Nicki's club got him primed and ready to go boom!