Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ziggy takes it like a man...

Ziggy Figaro took it like a man.. or rather, the brave and bold primate he is. He asked me over to Ziggateria so he could partake of the incendiary humbugs.

"Come here, little monkey...."

He didn't quite die right away.

He finally buried himself into the ground.

Now I have to say, I have nothing against Ziggy. I like him tons. He just wanted to taste the candy.


Mitch Wagner said...

Heck of a thing to do to a monkey. I'm going to stick with fruit and insect larva, which is natural to my species.

Ziggy Figaro

Harper Beresford said...

Now I am going to hear that I am getting reported to the ASPCA. Ack!

Terran Timeless said...

don't be surprised to see your character reprised for a 3 episode run of MI5,the beautiful ginger with a slightly skewed (not quite twisted) obsession, who coaxes man, woman and monkey to their deaths with the promise of a sweet taste, a serial bomber of peculiar accuracy crossing dimensional membranes in search of the guiltless splode.

Gahum Riptide said...

So powerful it made Ziggy stand up before falling down!