Saturday, May 24, 2008

Record night: I blow up THREE

Oh what a great night! To make up for a lack of blowing up in the last post, I managed to blow up three of the most interesting people on SL. Thank you, Hung, for that party!

First we have Codebastard Redgrave. Yes, that sweet thing lying there on the ground, in characteristic red, is my own friend Codie. She partook of the humbug and paid the price.

Next came Crap Mariner, who needed a good blow up after he disagreed with me about my blog (how dare you!). Screw writing a retort. I just blowed Crap up REAL good!

Finally is my almost-sister Michele Hyacinth. She just couldn't wait to sink her teeth into that humbug. Well, she found out it wasn't nougat in there--it was gunpowder!


Dale Innis said...

I'd just like to say that this is the kind of SL weblog we need to see more of!


Mister Crap said...

"Does this make my ass look fat?"