Saturday, May 31, 2008

Is this art? (Subtitled: How am I going to explain this?)

I went with my friend Z to see Ina Centaur's new sim, Skin City. I was poking around looking at eyes, but he was drawn to a big wall of sculpty penises that Ina was setting up. Z, being Z, asked Ina if they were rideable. Next thing we know, she was furiously setting up horse-riding poseballs on each one.

We accommodated her and found ourselves riding the penises (penii?). Avatars were coming in suddenly as Ina decided she wanted to fill up the wall.

So here we are... (shall you all remain nameless?)

And of course, I brought Botgirl in to share in the fun. It's an odd thing to be riding a huge sculpty cock next to your friend.

Ina insisted this was art. I suggested it was "performance" art (fully intending the double entendre). What do you think? Twenty avatars riding oversized sculpty cocks? IS it art?


Michele Hyacinth said...

I have *such* penis envy...because I was not there and soooo wish I had been! Penii stampede!

Ravishal Bentham said...

Were you nice to your mount and give it a rub down? (/me dodges thrown objects)

Gahum Riptide said...

I MUST go there! :)